Loey Sawvel

Mental health isn’t about “fixing” you because you’re broken. It’s about becoming the best version of yourself. I want to support you while you explore, gain insight, and find yourself. My role is to accompany you on your path to mental wellness.

Specialty: Teens & Adults, Coping with life stressors, relationship issues, or strong emotions. Anxiety, depression, relational conflict, communication skills, Lyme disease, autoimmune, and everything in-between. My space is safe and affirming to LGBTQ w/competence in gender identity and letter writing.

Laura Hoffman

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Abby Bottorff

My approach to counseling is guided through self-empowerment and embracing both the person you are and the ways you’d like to foster healthy growth within your life. Through an integrative client-centered approach, I work to provide a safe space to support mental wellness through life challenges, traumas, grief, and everyday anxieties for all individuals.

Specialty: Gender-Affirming Care, LGBTQIA+, Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Life Transitions, Depression, Communication Skills, Trauma-Informed Care, and Ages 10+ And Up.


Yvette Saeugling

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Ronda L. Jasper

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